Who in the Police State Gets Extralegal Exemptions

Executive Summary - The purpose of this article is to show you the special privileges certain people and their spouses and children have in the USA with a special emphasis on those in law enforcement and politics. This is how the police state grooms law enforcement to step into the role of a police state with all its associated lawlessness and brutality. These people are basically immune from traffic law enforcement, vehicle codes, and other minor and not so minor violations of the law.

In police states it is common to extend these privileges to the groups of people listed below. As the police state grows into its fullness the paranoia on the part of the leaders grows and they begin policing the police and government officials with extreme vigor and prejudice. The internal affairs police become all-powerful. Hitler referred to them as the Gestapo. They ruined careers and terrorized ordinary police. Government officials and the military. As they eliminate the private ownership of guns, freedom of movement, international travel etc then their threat risk assessment of those in power, shifts to those with the guns and in control of various aspects of governing the people.

Then the police state evolves into a full-fledged paranoid madhouse, which is the path they all seem to go down. The leaders know they are criminals violating the laws of the land. They know the people hate them with a passion. They generally leave the country in shambles. They fear execution and an overthrow every minute of every day. They have no peace. They do not eat or sleep well. Their health deteriorates. The leaders sleep in different houses each night, bodyguards sleep in their bedrooms, alcoholism and drug use with the leaders becomes widespread, insomnia is common, persecution fantasies abound, trials for treason, sedition, espionage with summary executions abound amongst the ranks of the police, military and government officials.

The law enforcement and low-level government officials get sucked into serving these police states by the government extending certain privileges to them, often not formally codified but just put into practice. They often pay these police out of proportion wages not in sync with the state of the economy. Today there are tens of thousands of police and corrections officers making over $100,000 a year who never attended college. Federal law enforcement agents can easily hit $140,000 a year. Then comes their early retirement, medical, dental, vacations and so forth. The police state wants them happy and proud to have these jobs. The police state is teaching them the advantages to turning a blind eye towards all the injustices. They get used to using the taser and pepper spray on anyone who talks back to them. They get to carry weapons practically anywhere and in some cases even on airplanes. People get long prison sentences for victimless crimes (all they did was break a statue no identifiable persons were victims). They become a tool of the elite and thus acquire certain privileges.

Who Are the People Granted Official and Unofficial Exemptions from Laws -

* City and State Police Officers

* County Sheriffs

* Correction Officers, City, County, State, and Federal

* Parole Officers, City, County, State, and Federal

* Probation Officers, City, County, State, and Federal

* State Troopers

* Highway Patrol

* Animal Enforcement Officers

* Alcoholic Beverage Police

* Weights and Measures Police

* Lottery Police

* Labor Police

* Child and Family Services Police

* Tax Collection Police City, County, State, and Federal

* Building Inspectors

* Food Inspectors

* Health Inspectors

* Traffic Enforcement Officers

* Federal Law Enforcement Agents - There are over 100 such agencies

* City and County Commissioners

* Mayors and Deputy Mayors

* City, County, State and Federal members of legislatures

* Judges on all levels

* Governors and Deputy Governors

* Attorney Generals

* District Attorneys

* Prosecutors called by other titles

* Ambulance Drivers

* Paramedics

* Firemen

* Animal Control Officers

* Court Clerks

To the above you could add in the spouses, children and parents of these people to who various exemptions from the law are also granted informally as a professional courtesy. So as you can see the so-called Thin Blue Line is a lot wider than what one might think. Traffic Enforcement Police will tell you that a tremendous amount of those they stop are part of this list.

The protocol is that the person stopped in a traffic stop presents themselves as one of the privileged few before they show any driver license or registration. If one presents the driver license and registration to the officer they generally will just take it to the cruiser and check their status and then return with a ticket written out. The idea is to explain who you are with or without documentation before the license is shown so it never gets to the ticket stage. There are no bulletproof rules as to one cop not giving another cop a ticket. Generally it is not done. Police departments do get into ticket wars with other cops and start handing out tickets to members of other departments freely.

Usually the high-ranking officials settle this quickly before someone gets arrested. Police will often ask a federal agent if they are working when stopped. Federal agents say yes because they are on 24/7. They generally are let go. Sometimes they get a ticket and then they have their office phone the traffic court and have the judge cancel it. The general rule is that these privileged few look out for each other. If the offense is bad and will result in a big investigation only the very highest of the privileged can expect to get the extra-legal assistance and this can and has extended all the way up to murder.

What Are the Types of Exemptions Offered to these people:\b>

Traffic - These people even have courtesy badges and ID cards that they give to friends and relatives so that other police will not give them traffic tickets. There are probably one million such people running around in the USA. This explains the people who speed incessantly and run red lights and make illegal turns you see all the time and wonder about. They are exempt from citations, not like you. Just discuss this with any law enforcement officer or ex law enforcement officer, who trusts you, to see that it is true. Remember these privileged violators also get good driver rates when they are not really good drivers.

Drunk Driving - This is not always covered but often is. Depends on how drunk they are, where and who they are. They often will have another officer take the car to a safe place and drive the person home so as to keep them off the road. They would rarely just tell the person it's okay continue driving dead drunk even if it is a judge. Drunken judges are common, as are police officers and legislators. This is a sensitive one but the police will usually try not to cite and arrest the privileged. If it is one of their own and he is not safe to drive they will often call the supervisor of the officer to come get him. This way the department informally knows he is drinking and riving but they avoid exposing one of their own to the justice system that applies to regular people. This is often done as well for bad traffic violations like going 130 mph in a corvette. His supervisor knows about it but the officer is spared the consequences of the law. Hmmm can someone say get out of jail free card.

Traffic Accidents - Here is a courtesy not known by many. The police throw the accident report in favor of the privileged one. The other driver gets a ticket and their insurance rates suffer. The other party has no idea this is going on until he reads the accident report. How many would ever think to investigate the other party to see if they are a police officer and few would complain to the internal affairs department of the law enforcement agency involved.