Tips To Government Bidding

Start small - If you have never bid with the government before, start small. Bid on the contract that is under $3,000. This will give you time to get use to the process without overwhelming you. Generally speaking, the more a contract costs, the more complicated the bidding process can get.

Be Persistent - some contractors have reported not being able to win bids for a year or two. But being persistent for those two years have paid off. Not every business will have this issue, but do not get discouraged if you don't win your rst bid or two.

Build a Relationship - Governments can come off as scary and cold agencies, but it is important when it comes to government bidding that you form a relationship with the procurement ofcers within that particular agency. Not only should you get to know the procurement ofcers you will be dealing with, but it is important to get to know other contractors in your eld. Bidding as part of a team can also be a good strategy.

Do your Research! - Register yourself with Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database. This is a necessity if you are planning on working with the federal government. (for more info about the CCR check out this article! LINK). This way government procurement ofcers can easily nd your product. Next get on the pre-approved bidder list on the General Service Administration (GSA) schedule so you can see what your competitors are up to.

Register with the Entity - Whether it's the federal government, the state of New York or the city of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, it's important to register with the entity you are looking to do business for. Each agency is different, we have complied many registrations links for different entities on our site, if you cannot nd the registration page on our site, contact the entity and gure out how to register with them.

Does your Business Qualify? - Check to see if your business qualies to be a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Disadvantage Business Enterprise (MBE), SBA 8(a), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), etc. If you do qualify as one of these types of businesses, register as one and this could open you up to winning bids set-aside for these types of businesses, giving you an advantage to other companies you are in competition with.

Read the bidding document carefully - Make sure that your bid has all the documents and requirements listed in the solicitation. It may even state that the pre-bid meeting is mandatory. Be sure to cover all your bases.