The Components of the Perfect Cop Costume

What makes a cop costume sexy and attractive? What is it about the police uniform, not generally considered particularly sexy, that led to the creation of such a wide variety of different police costumes with a sexy theme? There are very few who don't love the look and costume, but what makes the perfect cop costume irresistible? There are a few main components to the perfect police officer costume, and when they come together, the look is dynamite.

A great cop costume starts with the basics - the button down shirt that is the everyday cop's signature. When it comes to a sexy costume, however, the shirt is tight, tailored to fit a woman's curves, and certainly not buttoned up all the way. There are variations on how the cop's shirt can be used in a costume. A long version of the shirt can be turned into a dress, or the shirt can be shortened to bare the midriff and paired with a skirt, shorts or even tight pants. Another popular choice is the one-piece jumpsuit. Costumes often put a spin on the shirt by replacing the buttons with a zipper. The main thing is to keep the tailored uniform look while adding sex appeal.

From this basis, the costume needs accessories added to make it both sexy and authoritative. The classic image of the police officer includes a cap and of course the sunglasses that let the officer get a good look at the perp without the eyes being visible. These two must-have accessories can be expanded upon with other additions such as a necktie or gloves.

Of course, the perfect costume must include the tools of the trade. Every cop steps out on the street armed and ready, and the element of danger is part of what makes the look so attractive. Choose a plastic gun, a night stick and of course a set of handcuffs to arm your cop for duty. The perfect costume is quickly coming together when you have the uniform, the accessories and the tools on hand. But there is one more thing a sexy costume needs - the right footwear.