Street Fight - Surprise

How would you like to learn a tactic that has a good chance of keeping you safe in a street fight?

Before, you read about this super secret surprise tactic, you have to make a promise. Promise that you will at least consider this tactic before discounting it as a "not-a-chance" ploy.

Also, don't dismiss the following suggestion, without fulling considering how you'd go about making the right decision.

So, what tactic am I referring to? What would be a surprise that would keep you safe in a street fight?

The answer is ... turning and running away! (Don't you dare stop reading. It's about to get good.)

Is Your Goal Really to Stay Safe?

Think about it. If your main goal is to stay safe, then what could be safer then running away early, before you ever have to make contact with the enemy, so to speak.

Even Bruce Lee promulgated the Art of Fighting Without Fighting in his movie, Enter the Dragon.

So, have you thought about the best way to get away?

Could you fumble for keys and get the right one in the car door lock or house door lock, with adrenaline coursing through your trembling hands and body?

Do you have enough speed and stamina to foot-race your way to safety?

Note: Do you know why this article is titled "Street Fight Surprise?" Imagine the attacker who thinks you are an easy target. He attacks, and ... you aren't there. You're gone. Surprise!

If you were almost paralyzed in fear, would you be able to scan the best building to offer you safety?