Shrinking Coalition

What Coalition?

Tony Blair is in the news right now because he has announced a withdrawal of British troops from Iraq, at the same time that President Bush is pushing a "surge" in US troops. Our allies are pulling out on us.

But lets step back and look at the "Coalition of the Willing" the Bush Administration has pushed at us for four years. At its height, there were a reported 32 countries with troops in Iraq. That sounds like a lot, but at the most foreign troops have represented 18% of the total number of boots on the ground in Iraq (24,000 coalition troops compared to 108,000 US Troops.

That figure has dropped, and will continue to slide. As of February 21, 2007. coalition forces represent 10% of total boots on the ground, with the US Military fielding 139,000 troops and the rest of the coalition 15,000. Blair's announcement to begin pulling out Britains 7,100 troops, along with Bush's plan to send in another 21,000 US troops will push the percentage down to 5% of total troops.