Police Costumes That Can Stop Traffic

Law enforcement costumes are very popular, not only during the Halloween season, but all throughout the year. Dressing up as a law enforcement officer is one of the best ways to play a prank on somebody. It is important to note that there are many different uniforms for the various branches of law enforcement. The policeman or policewoman costume is one of the most identifiable and most popular costumes nowadays.

The Typical Police Officer Costume

The typical police costume is made up of a navy blue long-sleeved police jacket and matching navy blue or black pants. The jacket is typically double-breasted with golden buttons on it. The word "Police" is written on top of the left breast pocket, and a police badge is attached on the left arm. There have been several variations to this classic costume. Instead of a police jacket, some police costumes only use a navy blue short-sleeved polo top. For the bottoms, some people even use shorts instead of pants.

The police outfit is paired with a black holster belt with a gold buckle. For the shoes, closed black shoes are generally used. Some people also use boots instead of shoes. To complete the entire police outfit, you also need to wear a police cap, which also contains a badge on it. This kind of officer costume is usually worn by adult men and children.

The Sexy Police woman Costume

Women, on the other hand, can add a sexy touch to the police officer costume by wearing a sexy police woman costume. The entire outfit typically hugs the woman's figure. The top has a few buttons open, revealing the woman's cleavage. Some outfits even have hanging tops that reveal the stomach. Instead of pants, the bottom part of the outfit can either be a short skirt or booty-shorts. Some sexy police woman costumes are actually one-piece dresses. Similar to the classic police officer costume, the sexy police woman costume should also be worn with a black holster belt and a police cap. These outfits are also usually paired with closed black stilletos or pumps. They can also be worn with knee-high boots for added flair.

Police Accessories to Choose From

The police costume thrives on accessories. If you're going to a party as a police officer, there are a lot of accessories that you can bring with you to make you look even more realistic. Every police officer has to have his or her own weapon, so it is important to bring either a black club or a fake handgun. Bring a fake badge so that you can identify yourself during the party. A gold whistle is also a good accessory, which you can use during the event. Handcuffs can be quite kinky, and can enhance sexy police officer costumes. If you want to go to extremes, you can even disguise your car as a police car, and place police lights on top of it!