Playing Cops and Robbers - How to Host a Successful Party

Looking to host a party for all your friends that will be remembered as one of the best times ever? Why not borrow from you childhood and create a cops and robbers party! You can wear some great costumes, play games and create an atmosphere for fun and mischief that your friends will love.

1. Get into character with the right costumes.

In order to separate the cops from the robbers, dressing up is a must. You can find a fun selection of cop and convict costumes online, so getting your hands on one is simple. Deciding who should be a cop and who should be a convict is simple, have the guys be one and the girls be the other. These teams will make your party games even more fun.

2. Plan some good guy, bad guy activities.

Once everyone arrives in their cop and robber attire, you'll be ready to play. One idea for a game is to have all of the cops place a recognizable, but inexpensive, item of theirs into a dish when they arrive. Then let all of the robbers randomly select an object from the dish. The cops then need to find out who "stole" from them by determining who has their item. Once they find the right person, they need to handcuff themselves to the robber to prevent them from stealing again. There are also a number of ideas for card games and drinking games online, just look around and decide what would be appropriate for your party. If all else fails play tag, the cops need to capture the robbers. It's simple but never fails to deliver a good time.

3. Set the scene of the crime.