Mommy Coalitions - A Mothers Best Friends

Sometimes the best help a mother can have is her girlfriends with children. What I mean by this is usually when you have a friend with a child, she is extremely helpful and empathetic towards your situation and always volunteers to assist you in your time of need.

Have you ever had to miss or leave work and go pick up your sick child from school or the babysitter? Hopefully you have a very understanding boss because kids can get sick at any given moment. Did you ever have a super hot date to go on but you could not find a babysitter? I am sure at some point you have and felt as though you had no one to turn to. If your relatives live far away or are always tied up or too busy to watch your child, you can feel extremely overwhelmed and out of touch with society. When your entire day consists of getting up, bathing yourself and baby, feeding the two of you, watching Noggin, Nickelodeon or PBS, you may feel like a prisoner in your own life. Do not feel guilty about needing or wanting another person to occasionally watch your child, this feeling is quite normal and one that almost all mothers experience at some point in motherhood.

It is good to have a mommy coalition. A mommy coalition is a group of mothers who share the same or similar views on parenting. They are extremely dependable, trustworthy and they genuinely care for you and your child. These women are your angels, sent from heaven to assist you in the time of emergency or when you are a little too overwhelmed to parent on your own. Your coalition can be very intimate and consist of just two or three people; it is best to keep it to a minimum; this is because the more people in your coalition, the more your services may be needed as well. If you are the type of person that has very little extra time on their hands, signing up to help a lot of other mothers with their children may not be a good idea.