Keep Cop Removal

Keep Cop is a rogue security application that is distributed with the use of Trojans and other malicious software. Due to the fact that Keep Cop is a misleading application from the same family of scam software as "Link Safeness" and "Secure Keeper" it is recommended to attend keep cop removal immediately after its detection.

As the main objective of Keep Cop is to trick PC users into purchasing the application it will display various false insecurity notifications and forged infection warnings related to exaggerated events. Keep Cop simulates system scans and displays false reports in order to manage a state of end user panic that in many times results in the purchasing of this software. However it is not recommend to pay for this software as its paid version does not really exist. Instead, Keep Cop removal is the correct choice and this task can be done either manually, using software and of course hiring out a pro to remove the threat for you.

In order to attempt a manual Keep Cop removal it is required to first locate the main executable files related to this program. By opening Windows Task Manager it is required to locate and end the processes "KeepCop.exe", "302z0spam9ot5a3.exe" and "uninstall.exe". Additionally there is another process that controls the functionality of Keep Cop, however, this process has a random alphanumeric name at each installation, making it difficult to locate.

While stopping the tasks related to Keep Cop it is recommended to consider expert technical support due to the fact that there are random file names and a considerable number of registry keys that need to be removed in order to manage proper Keep Cop removal.