Kate Hudson Changes Views And Is Now Considering Plastic Surgery

Kate Hudson is young, fresh, and charming; and if all those rumours about her undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures are true, it means that Hudson is adept in the art of cosmetically enhancing her looks while looking naturally gorgeous. However, one can never know for sure whether Hudson actually had a breast augmentation procedure till the blond beauty confirms it. Until them, online news and gossip sites will make various speculations about Kate Hudson's plastic surgery.

One of these sites considers Hudson's most beautiful feature to be her smile, the first thing anybody observes about her. The site has also noted that in her old photos she had a very prominent nose and speculates that she might have taken a nose job to better it. Recently, the air is thick with rumours that Hudson has slightly augmented her breasts because her chest looks much fuller now than it did in the past.

Hudson's views on cosmetic surgery, so far, are quite clear. The star has nothing against cosmetic surgery; and while admitting that she might consider getting a cosmetic procedure in future, she makes it quite clear that nothing will induce her to get a cosmetic treatment now. The gorgeous 31-year-old said that she is aware that she might feel the need to go under the knife when she gets older. Stating that she does not judge women who opt for cosmetic procedures, she confirms that she hasn't reached that stage yet and so doesn't need to think about it.

Hudson also admits that she doesn't spend much on her daily looks. She said that her brothers might think that she spends too much, but her friends would say that she hardly spends anything. Adding a dash of humour to her words, she said, "If you saw me right now, I am definitely low maintenance with hair not brushed and nail polish chipped." The beauty declared that she is definitely low maintenance with regard to looks, but high maintenance with regard to work.

Half the celebrity world believes that Hudson has gone under the knife to get fuller breasts and the big-mouthed celebrity Lisa Rinna has also congratulated her for doing so. However, Hudson has said nothing about it. Instead, she was heard mentioning that she is quite comfortable with her body. Hudson is all set to play a role in a film under production called "The Killer Inside Me" in which she has to pose nude. The actress has stopped working out in a bid to gain some weight for this scene, which might account for the slightly fuller breasts.

However, with regard to her body, the star maintains that she is "pretty comfortable" with her body, adding that she has imperfections, and one day people are going to see those imperfections. Irrespective of whether Hudson had breast augmentation or not, she will continue to have a huge crowd of fans, thanks to her charming smile, naturally fresh looks, and pleasing personality”something that might hopefully not change even with future cosmetic procedures.

By: Joe Parkinson