Jennifer Hudson Family Funeral Update

Friends and Family members are showing up at a Temple on the South Side of Chicago to attend the Jennifer Hudson Family Funeral. Jennifer Hudson is an actor and musician whose mother, nephew and even her brother have been brutally slain. There will be a public memorial Sunday for Darnell Hudson, Jason Hudson and Julian King. Julian was 7 years old, Jason was 29 and Darnell was 57.

Present at the Jennifer Hudson Family Funeral were limos and hearses. The area was guarded and the looky loos were forced to remain across the street during these services. The rear portion of the temple was fenced off so the public wouldn't be able to see the rear courtyard entrance. What's really sad about this incident is that so far no one has been brought to justice over this or held accountable. But Julian King's stepfather has been labeled by authorities as a person of interest.

In spite of the Jennifer Hudson Family Funeral Jennifer herself has been holding up real well, according to her couson Demitrias Jackson who also attended the memorial. She told E! news that she is extremely brave and is an inspiration to her family. It's also important to note that the Jennifer Hudson Family Funeral wasn't just comprised of family and friends. There were lots of other concerned citizens and neighbors who also showed up to pay their gratitudes.

During the funeral there was singing, crying, mourning and lots of support offered for the family, they way you would hope something as sad as a funeral could turn out. Because of the trajedy the family has decided to open up a Domestic Violence Protection Fund which anyone is able to donate to. We both wish Jennifer Hudson and her family the very best in the future.

By: Brian Garvin & Jeff West