Its A Miracle-a Plane Landed On The Hudson River

We all saw a miracle yesterday when US Airways Flight 1549, enroute to Charlotte North Carolina ended up in the Hudson River in New York. This was a much bigger miracle than the ones we experience in our every day lives. Today we hear and read headlines such as, "Pilot's Life had Prepared Him for Miracle", "Miracle on the Hudson River, among others." These headlines call attention to a tragedy turned a miracle and the birth of a hero-the pilot: Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger.

Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, brought the plane carrying 155 passengers, including 5 crew members to a successful landing on the Hudson River in New York. The plane reportedly collided with a flock of birds that took out both engines. The plane an airbus, A320 took off from LaGuardia Airport with an intended destination of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Good Samaritans on commuter boats and Coast Guards cutters quickly rescued the passengers. All of the plane's occupants got out safely. During the frigid water landing, one frantic woman text her husband to tell him that her plane was crashing, others were praying and God was guiding the plane. Can you imagine receiving a call such as this from a loved one who has just boarded a plane?

If you have ever flown, you know that this was a scary experience for every single individual on that plane on January 15, 2009 at approximately 3:26PM. The temperature was only 20-degree and the water 36-degree. The governor of New York, David Paterson admitted: "We had a miracle on 34th Street. I believe now we have had a miracle on the Hudson."

What are miracles? Miracle comes from the Hebrew word neeseem, which means wonder. Do you think that the fact that you are alive is a miracle? The process from conception to birth is a miracle; the continuation of life to death is also a miracle as well as the promised life after death. In our day we do not have to look very far for miracles, because they are happening around us every day.

The problem is that some of us do not recognize them, perhaps because we are so caught up in the issues of life, tradition, stubbornness or simply spiritual blindness. Maybe some of us are just like the Pharisees and the Sadducees who kept looking for more signs after witnessing Jesus performed so many miracles in their faces, from turning water into wine to raising the dead.

We see miracles when the doctors give someone six months to live and that person lives for seven more years or longer. Miracles happen when lives are transformed; people make changes in relationships, when they make discoveries. Such as, when people discover their purpose and embrace it, their lives are changed forever.

Miracles happen when people discover the awesome power within themselves and move from mediocrity to places of empowerment. Miracles are the prayers we see answered, they are the prayers we pray for those whom the doctors have given up on and through faith and prayers they live for many more years. Excerpt from chapter 13 of my book, The Power of Transformation.

Finally, the miracle we experienced in the United States yesterday was and amaazing miracle. The most serious injury reported were two broken legs.