Iraq Coalition

When it comes to "Iraq Coalition" the term coalition is basically used to talk about the coalition between America and England against the dictatorship of Iraq, under the leadership of Saddam Husain.

The problem began when Iraq strategized to attack Kuwait and annex it. When Saddam Husain attacked Kuwait then it was President Bush (senior) who intervened and sent American troops to save Kuwait. America was successful in driving away the Iraqi Forces but the retreating forces set fire to the oil wells in Kuwait; ever since, Iraq has been black listed by America. Although Sr. Bush could have eliminated Iraq at that point of time however he ordered the withdrawal of the American forces from Iraq.

At a later stage when Saddam Husain indulged in the mass killing of Khurdish people, it came to light that he had been using weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in eliminating anyway who came in his way. Through the UN, inspectors were sent to Iraq for checking the existence of weapons of mass destruction, however nothing was traced. Most of the times, Saddam Husain is reported to have not cooperated with the inspectors. As the suspicion grew, Gorge Bush, the then president of the USA, took a unilateral decision to attack Iraq.

George Bush could not get coalition partners similar to the way that he had got them, during the time when he attacked Afghanistan. The only coalition partner George Bush got in the invasion of Iraq was Toni Blair, who was at that point of time the Prime Minister of England. Although there were a number of countries which wanted to support America or could have provided military support to the US, some of them were threatened by the terrorists because of whom they did not support America openly. For example, Italy, Spain and South Korea were given threatening by terrorists.

Under the security cover of the United States of America, the Iraqi are running the Iraqi Government and almost every day we hear of a suicide bomber attacking some location in Iraq. So far no sign of peace or democracy coming back to Iraq is in the vicinity.