Hudson Valley Wine Trail And Neighboring Attractions

Long before California's wine producing-region had even been visited by Europeans, the first grape vines had been established along the Hudson River Valley, along what is now known as the Hudson Valley Wine Trail. The Hudson valley was America's first major wine-producing district. Thanks to its optimal climate, the Hudson Valley Wineries provided an excellent place for a variety of vines to flourish, attracting the finest vintners in the new world.

The Hudson Valley gave these first wine producers and farmers rich farmland, ample rainfall, and close proximity to major commerce centers. As you travel along the Hudson Valley Wine Trail, you will be able to visit award-winning wineries and sample truly enticing wines. Along with wine and grapes, you will also see many farms and farmers markets along the Hudson Valley Wine Trail, where you can buy fresh picked produce, local cheeses, and other fine items unique to the Hudson Valley district.

The Hudson Valley Wine Trail also offers visitors and natives breathtaking views of the Catskill Mountains and the Adirondack Mountains and the surrounding valleys. Here, nestled along the Hudson River, you will find the charming farmlands and wineries. Among the beautiful valleys and glens, there are also many outdoor recreational opportunities. You can enjoy hundreds of miles of hiking trails along the Hudson Valley Wine Trail, from short jaunts to long adventures. In the Hudson Valley, you will also have ample opportunities for fishing, kayaking, camping, boating, biking trails, and watching wildlife. Over 50 museums are also located in the Hudson Valley, offering in-depth looks on everything from raptor birds to modern art to 200-year old mansion homes of famous people to Revolutionary war history.

If you love art, you will also be happy to learn that the Hudson Valley Wineries are interwoven with small towns and tourist districts with a fine appreciation of the arts. Good food is also abundant along the Hudson Valley Wine Trail. The Hudson Valley produces some of the finest produce along the East coast, and here you can enjoy it all "fresh off the vine," so to speak.

Along the Hudson Valley you will also see many historic battlefields of the American Revolution and the French and Indian War. Also located in the Hudson Valley are West Point Military Academy and the West Point Museum, which offers the largest and oldest collection of U.S. military artifacts. Although the Academy itself is not open to self-tours, you can take a guided tour of the facilities and visit the grand museum of all things military, at the West Point Museum.

The Hudson Valley Wine Trail offers visitors the chance to vacation with every imaginable convenience and the chance to visit the charming, award-winning Hudson Valley wineries that have become legendary.

By: Jordan Rocksmith