Hudson Rodriguez Dating

Well the Yankees are in the ALCS this year for the first time in a while and I have a theory as to why that is. It must be Alex Rodriguez. The Yankee slugger has finally shaken his post season doubts and foibles and he is now on the road to the World Series (he's the highest paid player in Baseball and has been MVP three times, plus he's considered by many to be the best in game and yet he has never even played in, much less won a World Series).

But what's driving Alex Rodriguez? Maybe it's the fact that he's dating movie star Kate Hudson. Yes, it's true Hudson and Rodriguez are dating and she's certainly having a good effect on the Yankee third-baseman.

In fact, the whole thing is actually somewhat serious according to a source in a recent issue in People Magazine. The source confirmed that A-Rod has introduced Hudson to a bunch of his friends. And I bet the folks in the dugout wouldn't mind having her as a cheerleader!

And who gets credit for bringing the happy couple together? None other than the Kaballah Queen, Madonna herself (seriously, you can't make this stuff up).

Apparently, the two even spent some time on the road earlier this summer where Kate decided to stay discreetly in a separate room from A-Rod. The story goes that Kate decided to spend the trip discretly staying in a room where the Yankees were also staying while A-Rod was in Texas playing against the Rangers. Apparently, she may have even been seen in the Yankees dugout and clubhouse while he was playing, but the reports are definitely not confirmed. Whatever the case may be, at least A-Rod is in love and it will hopefully give him the impetus to make his A-Game come alive for the benefit of Kate and her 5 year old son Ryder.

So ultimately, what does this mean for the Yankees? Does it mean that they're finally going to get their $27 Million worth out of Rodriguez this year or is Kate Hudson going to squeeze every ounce out of him that she can and then leave the Yank behind?

All we know for sure is that with Hudson dating Rordriguez, the Yankees seem to have a hot cheerleader in the background and a third baseman who wants a world series ring to show to his new girlfriend.