Coalition of Religious Communities

There are many different social and political institutions that use powerful ideas like the concept of social justice to push their agenda. Thoroughly investigating these institutions that deliver their messages from the platforms of ideas like social justice is necessary to ensure that you know the true intentions of the company.

The Coalition of Religious Communities, known as CORC, ropes people in under the surmise that they are fighting for social justice. Interestingly, CORC has no problem admitting that their definition of social justice is to make "low-income and affordable housing for all persons and families".

This is a very different definition of social justice than the majority of society accepts as the true definition of social justice.As the Coalition of Religious Communities is fighting for their social justice, they have no problem redistributing the wealth of those individuals that have reached a higher socioeconomic level.

This coalition likes to say that they are fighting for 'equality' but, just like their definition of social justice, their definition of equality seems to differ greatly from the way it has been defined in our country.

CORC believes that equality does not come with the equal opportunity but rather with the equal results. So, although individuals may have equal opportunities, if their results differ from one another there should be some form of intervention to ensure that everyone comes out with the same outcome.

Their proposed redistribution of wealth exemplifies their twisted views of equality and social justice. To think that it is okay to create a mandate requiring those in a higher socioeconomic status to be required to give up their money is baffling. The idea screams socialism and although it may be cloaked and hid behind a new guise, it is essentially the exact practice of the socialist parties of the past.

The mechanism used to take the hard earned money away from those of a higher socioeconomic class is the progressive tax system. This system requires that those individuals with more money pay a higher percentage of their tax, simply because they have more money.