Coalition For Deadbeat Dads

It is a world wide fact that many relationships are breaking today because of several causes. The result of this is that one partner who opts to support the children suffers form various problems, financial crisis is one of them. It is generally seen that fathers leave the family and go away to live a new life. Many times fathers leave their new born babies and the spouse and go away as they do not want the children. Yes, these kind of cruel fathers do exist in the society. These deadbeat dads do not think of what what will happen to the children and how his partner will manage without him. They just give birth to the children for their own satisfaction and leave the partner afterwards to lead a miserable life. A coalition for deadbeat dads should be made to take several strict actions against these types of fathers.

These deadbeat dads do not even give financial support to the partner to fulfill the essential needs of the children. So, for collecting the financial support, some efforts should be made. A coalition for deadbeat dads should be there to force the father to give financial support to the children. Changing these types of fathers into a domestic man is not a solution to these types of problems. These types of fathers are put into jail and furthermore these types of fathers lose their driving license too. A driving license is not only a sign of driving privilege, it also works as an identification card in several places. If we take the driving license of these deadbeat dads then we can make these fathers equal to illegal drivers.