Can Randy Couture Defeat Mirko Cro Cop

Randy Couture is the current UFC Heavyweight Champion, courtesy of a sound beating that he gave Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia on March 3rd, 2007. The fight went the full 5 rounds, but Randy Couture dominated the action from the first punch, right up until the final take down. In fact, the first punch thrown put Tim Sylvia on the canvas, something that very few people thought that Randy Couture would be able to do. Conventional wisdom was that Tim Sylvia was too big, strong, young and too good a striker for forty three year old Randy Couture to overcome; Randy Couture has made a career out of defying conventional wisdom.

The next question that every Mixed Martial Arts fan is asking is; "Can Randy Couture find a way to defeat Mirko Cro Cop?". It's a simple question, but there is no simple answer. To figure out this riddle, we must go through each fighter's history, looking at various skills of their past opponents and how they performed against these opponents. Of course, once we're done with the analysis, we need to apply "The Couture Factor". The Couture Factor is simply stated as:

"Never, ever count Randy Couture out"

This should be written in stone and kept in the UFC vaults to be placed ring side for each and every Randy Couture fight.

First, let's categorize our two warriors. First off, I thŚink it's pretty fair to call Mirko Cro Cop a striker. He is probably the best striker in MMA today. It's also easy to Categorize Randy Couture, he is a wrestler, sure he knows submissions and is a decent striker, but when it comes right down to it, Randy likes to get you in the clinch, take you down and ground and pound his way to victory.

Mirko Cro Cop vs Wrestlers:

For the purpose of this piece, I'm going to call Fedor a wrestler, although he has advanced submission and striking skills, his game is largely similar to a wrestler. Here is a list of the well known wrestlers that Mirko Cro Cop has faced:

1) Fedor Emelianenko

2) Mark Coleman

3) Kevin Randleman

4) Josh Barnett

Against the above fighters, Mirko Cro Cop has two wins over Josh Barnett, a win over Mark Coleman, a loss to Fedor and splits a win and a loss with Kevin Randleman. That makes him 4-2 against wrestlers.

Randy Couture vs strikers:

Since I only picked four wrestlers for Cro Cop, I will narrow my striker list to four for Randy Couture:

1) Tim Sylvia

2) Chuck Liddell